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Bhutan, Bhutan
West Bengal, India
Sikkim, India
Dark Sky Photo Tour - details


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Tour Details

Display Price Includes: Porter,Transfer,Safari Charge,Permit Charge,Entry Fees,Trained Guide,Hotel.

Explore another Photography destination in the World that boasts dark and starry night skies along with Terrain forests, River valleys & beds and Himalayan hills in India, first time. Learn star, Milky Way and night sky photography while exploring the best night photography destinations on Earth. Join us on for 2 nights/3 day’s photography adventure under the Stars. We will Photograph the Milky Way from two locations this time, at Ice Cream Sand Dunes and the Iconic Dungrijhora in Buxa Tiger Reserve. We will spend half a day in a Post Processing Workshop using Light room and Photoshop to edit our Milky Way images to make them pop off our screens.

Level: Beginner-Advanced.

Duration: 3 Nights/4 Days

Locations: Panijhora & Dungrijhora in Alipurduar, West Bengal, India.

Inclusive: Private transfer from nearest Airport/Railway Stations and all night Safaris. Stay with warm hospitality in Home Stays/ Lodges/Tents. All meals are included. 24 x 7 Secure Stay area specially meant for Photo-Travelers/ Bloggers/Writers.

In order to offer a quality tour, the number of Guests is limited to 8 per Tour.

The tour is given in English or in Hindi or in Bengali.

GST 12% will be added with the bill.

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Day 1
Welcome session at Rajabhatkhawa in Buxa Tiger Reserve. Gather on the Hall to attend the Workshop after Lunch and discuss about the activities for coming nights. Through the Workshop notes and answer any questions on getting your Cameras set up and ready to go for the night shooting. Head off to Dungrijhora to start capturing those epic images, after Lunch.Experimenting in several ways (lighting our by using our torches and moonlight to get our fore grounds to be prominent in our screens) of lights on the Dungrijhora River bed in the Reserve. After Shooting head back to our accommodation in Carvantes for a well deserved rest.
Day 2
Morning session will starts after breakfast and will discuss about the last night activities. At midday another 4 hours Photo session at Dungrijhora will take place.  Leaving the place will head out for Dinner in Our Stay before heading out for another session of Photography at the Ice Cream Dunes about 20 minutes out of Cervantes. Here we will split and further improve on the skills learned on the tour.
Day 3

We will gather for breakfast and reflect on the epic tour of  Astro Photography and say farewell. Starts for schedule Return. 

Day 4


Mrs. Moumita Sen
We made a sudden decision to embark on a leisure tour to eastern India. Our first choice was myjungletrip because they had what we were exactly looking for virgin forests. It was a short trip but next time we will plan for a longer one.

8 Days Ago

Sarah Mitchell
Cape Town
I am not an avid traveler but thought of giving it a shot after browsing the internet and finally zeroing on myjungletrip. What I liked about them was their style of planning the trips and giving so many convenient choices for newbies like me.

4 Days Ago

Amitabh Banik
Salt Lake Kolkata
Who would have thought that even a normal holiday can turn out to be a roller-coaster ride? It was and all the credit goes to myjungletrip. We have decided to come back again in the near future.

5 Days Ago

Smitha Ramachandran
I was very keen to explore natures bounty at its pristine best. It was a dream come true for me and my family when I chose myjungletrip. All of us had a blast right from day one till our return. I suggest to all those like me to try out this trip planner if they want to get the best holiday ever.

4 Days Ago

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Can I bring my children?
What if I need to change or cancel my booking?
Change and cancellation is possible. For change in trip date, please write to us 30 days before tour date. Cancellation accept only prior to 30 days from the date of journey.
I've not traveled much. Can you give me any advice on the destination and traveling
Yes, please write to us. We have team of travel consultant to help you or plan your trip.
Dark Sky Photo Tour
Duration: 2 Nights/3 Days

For customization of this package, please email us at Please note price for customization will proceed by quotation / estimation process. Please use valid email and contact no for details.

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Being an adventure enthusiast, I was looking for a getaway that was still unexplored. And when I saw the options offered by myjungletrip, I was naturally tempted. The entire trip was a mind-blowing experience.
 Rathi Iyengar   Cochin
I have never experienced nature from close but when I came across myjungletrip, I thought of giving it a try. And boy, it was worth every penny. Everything from flight tickets to resort booking to the tours was streamlined to perfection.
 David Smith   California
We made a sudden decision to embark on a leisure tour to eastern India. Our first choice was myjungletrip because they had what we were exactly looking for virgin forests. It was a short trip but next time we will plan for a longer one.
 Mrs. Moumita Sen   Siliguri
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