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West Bengal, India
West Bengal, India
West Bengal, India
Dooars Cave Exploration - details


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Tour Details

Display Price Includes: Guide,Porter,Transfer,Permit Charge,Entry Fees,Hard Trek,River Crossing,Trained Guide,Hotel,Sightseeing.

The northern part of West Bengal is bordered by Assam and Countries like Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. Migration is a tradition in this part of Bengal since bi-gone past, May it was political or Religious or economic. Thus the area was inhabited by indifferent people for different reason and so the region is become a Cross cultural zone. Still today the area bears the tradition of migration and cross cultural activities. 
From the Palas of Bengal to the British the area was the heart of economy as it is rich in Forest, Timber, Wildlife, Spices, Medicinal Plants, Sandstone, Tea and Agriculture. Even in ancient times this part of Bengal was the main trade centre of Asia as being the Doors for land Silk route. Not only in ancient times there were also Habitations during Pre-historic times.
Recent discovery of Indian Archaeologist finds that there were human habitations since Pre-historic Times in this region. There are several Rock shelters and caves which were used by the Pre-historic people. The recent discoveries of ‘Acheulian’ stone tools and Microlithics inside and near the Caves & Rock shelter proved the existence of Stone Age culture. Some of the Caves were used again in the historic times also. 
These all Eastern Himalayan Rock shelter is located on the safe height besides the river from the time of Pre-history. Though some are in the border of Bhutan and Sikkim of eastern Himalaya which proves the migration and influence Tibeto – Mongoloid tradition. Among the ancient rock shelter and Caves most important are rock shelter of Rocky Island, Jainti Mahakal Cave, Toto Para Mahakal Cave or Draya mara Cave, Neora Valley Cave. 
This exclusive Journey will be you from the Pre-history to the Modern times by vehicle and foot too. Discover the Cross Cultural tradition from this part of India. So let’s explore the caves in the hilly jungle of eastern Himalaya and understand why there is Ancient Silk Route. 
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Day 1
Received From Alipurduar Junction / New Alipurduar Railway Station & Transfer To Jainti National Park. A Brief About The Area And The National Park Will Be Part Of Refreshment Session. You Are Free To Troll In Jainti Forest Village Area. One May Enjoy Jainti National Park Safari By His Own From Here.  Then Rest For The Day.
Day 2
Start Trekking For The Mahakal Caves Of Jainti Which Are Basically Stalactite And Stalagmite Caves Earlier Used As A Rock Shelters. The Caves Are Fourteen In Number And Each Connected With A Vestibule. A Brief Introduction Will Be Given About The Caves And The Area Before Climbing On The Rock Shelters. Please Do Not Hurry And Be Cautious While Walking Through The Slippery Rock Shelters Of Mahakal. Check-in A Home Stay. There Is A Bhutanese Gumba (buddhist Temple) On The Top Of The Mahakal Hilii. If You Want To Offer Your Prayer Here One Must Have Bathed Earlier. One Must Came Back To The Stay After Lunch And Rest For The Day.
Day 3
After Breakfast Move For Raimiyatung Or Raimatung Via Rajabhatkhawa And Dima River. The Word Raimatung Is Derived From Rai – Miya –tung Which Means ‘nowadays Rai’s Are Not Here’. Raimatung Is Basically A Small Hilly Forest Village On The Raimatung River (which Is A Confluence Of Kalikhar, Sweto Khar And Admakhola) Valley. Mostly Karki And Chhetri Communities Are Staying Here. A Soothing Sound From Small Bells Of Shiva Temple May Break The Silence Of Nature Here. Check In A Home Stay And Rest For The Day. 
Day 4
The Scheduled Car Will Pick You Up From The Stay And Drop At The Base Of The Raimatung Mahakal Hills After Breakfast.  Check Your Shoes And Trekking Gears Before Your Trek Starts For Another Stalactite Cave Through The Rugged Topography And Forest. This Place Is Being Worshiped By The Locals As A Sacred Place For Lord Shiva Or Mahakal. Explore The Caves For Getting Any Artifacts Of Prehistoric Period.  One Must Have A Bath Before Coming Back To The Stay For Lunch. Transfer To Madari Hat, Check In A Home Stay /tent House And Rest For The Day. 
Day 5
After Breakfast, Put Your Identity Cards /passport In Your Wallet And Start Moving For Toto Para. The Place Is A Cluster Of Three Different Hills Attached With Bhutan. Toto Para Is The Land Of Toto Community, The Tiniest Ethnic Group Of India. Both The Bhutanese And Indians Believe That The Mahakal (lord Of Time N Space) Reside Here And They Worship The Place. It Is Also Believed That There Was A Clan War Between Totos And Drayas (an Ancient Community Of Bhutan) In Ancient Times. After The Darayamara Mahakal Trek One Must Visit Toto Para And Move For Khuttimari Resort At Gayerkanta. Rest For The Day. 
Day 6
After Breakfast Move For Samtse Mahakal Via Chamurchi Duar. There Is Another Mahakal Cave Of Formed By Stalactite And Believed To Be An Ancient Rock Shelter. This Area Is Also Coming Under Bhutan, So One Need Entry Permit From Samtse Bhutan. The Scheduled Vehicle Will Drop You At The Base Or On The Bank Of Reti River, From Where You Have To Trek For 1.5 Hours. The Trek Route Is Through The Forest And Villages Of Bhutan. Enjoy The Natural Beauty, Wilderness While On Way For Samtse Mahakal. One Must Have A Taste Of Traditional Bhutanese Cuisine During Lunch Here. Move For Garumara National Park. Check In A Resort And Rest For The Day. 
Day 7
After Breakfast Start Moving For Rocky Island Via Garumara National Park, Lush Green Tea Gardens And Hilly Streamlets Of Dooars. Rocky Island Is Located On The Murti River Valley, A Small Hamlet With Fourteen Jumping Falls Of River Murti. This Place Has A Typical Rock Shelter Of Ancient Times Approximately Dating Back To 9000 Bce. So This Is A Very Important Region Of The Rock Dwellers From Bygone Past. Explore The Whole Hamlets, Gorges, Orange Orchards And The Rocks Of Rocky Island Through The Whole Day Because We Will Stay Here In Rocky Island Adventure Camp. During Evening We Will Discuss About The Whole Exploration Of Dooars Cave Dwellers And Get Ready For The Campfire Session In The Evening. 
Day 8
After Breakfast Start For Scheduled Return To New Jalpaiguri / Malbazar Railway Station Or Bagdogra Airport. Tour Ends.


Shubhamoy Pal
Kalyani. Kolkata , India
Dukpas Hut is a small hut in the height of 2600 feet with a view of Historical Buxa fort made our Trekking programme a grand. Throughout our Trekking days (Seven days) the service of Dukpas hut was great, though the hut is located on such a remote place where electricity and motorable road connectivity is nil. They serve us good & tasty meals even while we were on trek.

Days Ago

Gopal Reddy
I was persuaded by my uncle who is a naturalist, to check out the sightseeing variety in this segment. Once I got the urge to venture out, I checked out a couple of package tour planners specializing in jungle tours. I chose myjungletrip and I am very happy that I did.

4 Days Ago

David Smith
I have never experienced nature from close but when I came across myjungletrip, I thought of giving it a try. And boy, it was worth every penny. Everything from flight tickets to resort booking to the tours was streamlined to perfection.

3 Days Ago

Sarah Mitchell
Cape Town
I am not an avid traveler but thought of giving it a shot after browsing the internet and finally zeroing on myjungletrip. What I liked about them was their style of planning the trips and giving so many convenient choices for newbies like me.

4 Days Ago

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Dooars Cave Exploration
Duration: 7 Nights 8 Days
Best time to visit:Mid September to Mid January

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I am not an avid traveler but thought of giving it a shot after browsing the internet and finally zeroing on myjungletrip. What I liked about them was their style of planning the trips and giving so many convenient choices for newbies like me.
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It was my cousin who recommended myjungletrip when I decided to take my family on a vacation to northeast India. I was impressed by the itinerary and also the comprehensive service.
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